Understanding Hand Sanitizer: What’s most effective and why?

Hand sanitizer is a valuable currency in a post-quarantine world. Everyone is moving fast to get their hands on some anti-bacterial gel, often clearing out entire shelves at common retail chains in a matter of minutes. We know that having hand sanitizer is important for eliminating potential infections and viral transmissions, but how do you know what kind is most effective? How do you determine whether a gel will be safe and sensitive on your skin?

We’ve done some research for you on the various types of hand sanitizer available, allowing you to determine for yourself which kind of hand sanitizer is right for you:

  1. XtraCare – Antibacterial

For hand sanitizers to maximize their capacity for killing germs, the CDC recommends that the gel formulae contain at least 60% ethyl alcohol content. The XtraCare Hand Sanitizer holds 70% of ethyl alcohol in its composition, and it’s infused with vitamin E to keep your hands moisturized while you sanitize them. 

  1. Huangjisoo – Gel Type Hand Cleaner

If 70% is a little too much on your hands, then Huangjisoo’s Hand Sanitizer gel will feel more comfortable at 62%. This gel-type is also specifically fragrance-free, preventing the aroma from clinging to your skin, something that you might want to take into consideration when selecting a hand sanitizer for repeated use throughout the day. It’s also infused with aloe vera to ensure that your hands remain moisturized.

  1. Serene Tree – Spray 

Hand Sanitizer doesn’t have to be a gel. A convenient alternative to the heavy gel substance is a sanitizer spray like Serene Tree, a liquid-based sanitizer solution containing 69% ethyl alcohol and 4% hydrogen peroxide. It functions just as effectively as other hand sanitizers, eliminating 99.99% of germs, and it’s more convenient to carry around when you journey outside the house. 

  1. Ekong Bell – 4oz Gel

Some don’t mind the drying side effects of most hand sanitizers so long as it completely eviscerates all lingering germs. Ekong Bell’s Hand Sanitizer contains 75% ethyl alcohol, so it’s engineered to kill off bacteria a mere few seconds after it makes contact with the surface of your skin. To destroy any chance of bacterial contamination, this sanitizer will certainly get the job done. 

Remember, it’s of utmost importance to consistently wash your hands with soap. Don’t just rely on sanitizer. But now that you know the difference between effective hand sanitizer, check to make sure your mask is just as safe and effective with this article: 3 Easy Tests: Is Your Face Mask Certified?