Commitment to Fair Pricing

Dear Friends,

In the uncertain times that we find ourselves in, we would like to reaffirm our commitment to fair pricing in the interest of transparency.

Blue Beat Digital is committed to providing products at fair prices, prices that are market-related, and those that reflect our input costs.

Various items in our catalog have recently experienced a surge in demand which has resulted in increased prices.

We want to assure you that our pricing is in no way ‘price gouging’ and rather a reflection of the state of the market. Our input costs of international shipping have drastically increased, as well as the cost of goods.

We have made the bold decision to invest in new inventory, despite the inflated prices because we would rather have these important items available to our staff and our communities. We have had medical professionals buy from us, and we are proud that we can help them be safer in their important work. 

There may be some who claim that all supplies should be donated or sold at cost. Consider that as a business we have risked significant capital on sourcing these products, often paying ridiculous premiums, in order to get much-needed products to our community. Given the risks we have taken, we believe it is fair that we continue to sell these items to the public and do so in a sustainable way.

With this in mind, we have instituted several internal pricing controls to ensure that the pricing we put into the market is both competitive, fair and reflects the costs of acquiring these items.

This is part of our commitment to you to ensure that we deliver value at all times to our customers.

If at any time you think our pricing is unfairly high, please send me an email and I will ask my team to investigate and address it.

Kind regards,

Robbie Levy
Blue Beat Digital LLC