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Amperage Matters: How to Charge Your Phone FASTER

In this day and age, having your phone battery die is considered an emergency. We’re luckily living in an era where things like wireless chargers and power banks are easily accessible for phone emergencies like these ones. A common yet simple misconception about wall chargers is that they were all created equally. To be able to charge our devices with its fullest potential, we need to first understand what affects our charging speed and what that means for us as mobile users.

The Basics

To avoid confusion, we’re going to skip all the technical details and share only the facts that we need to understand. Generally, newer models will be able to support rapid chargers, meaning that if you have an older model, a charger with a higher amperage might not change the speed at which your phone charges. Chargers with a higher amperage will charge faster, that is if your phone model can support it.

What’s considered fast charging?

The standard USB 3.0 ports are 5V/2.4A. Fast charging is considered anything beyond 5V and 3A. While it may seem as though we should purchase a charger with the highest power, phones will only support the charging circuit its designed for. Having said that, the latest models tend to be backward compatible, meaning the latest model will be compatible with a charger with the highest amperage.

So how can I charge my phone faster?

Use a higher-amp wall plug.

Using chargers with anything above 5V or 2.4A will provide a faster charging speed. Try this 18W universal charger or 30W Type-C port wall charger. Looking to charge two devices at once? Here’s a dual USB wall charger with a 4.8A output.

Use a higher-amp car charger.

The same rule applies to car chargers. To ensure a faster charging experience, try using a Quick Charge 3.0 car charger or a 4.0A dual-port car charger.

Charge with a USB 3.0.

High-speed charging cables are capable of restoring a device’s battery significantly faster than traditional cables. Purchase a pack of 12 cables for peace of mind: Lightning, Micro-USB, and Type-C.

Use a portable charger with a higher mAh.

Milliamp Hour, or mAh, is commonly used to measure the energy capacity of a battery. All you need to know is the more mAh = the longer battery life. While charging speed will differ between models and their respective mAh, power banks with 10,000mAh will generally be able to charge your device relatively quickly. A 15000mAh power bank would offer a faster-charging speed, while a 20000mAh power bank will charge your device even faster.