The Problem

Extreme shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) are putting healthcare workers at risk. The Department of Health and Human Services estimates that our US medical workers will need 3.5 billion face masks for the duration of the crisis, but at the beginning of March, the country only had 3.5 million in the national stockpile— approximately 1% of that estimation.

Our Solution

To close the accessibility gap, Blue Beat Digital has allocated all our funding into source PPE from factories across the globe and want to deliver them directly into the hands of essential healthcare providers. We have assembled a variety of packages that each contain a combination of face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and other essential items that hospital staff need on the frontlines against COVID-19.  

How You Can Help

Our website offers a range of philanthropy packages (Diamond, Platinum, Gold, etc.) that you personally or the corporate company you represent can select for purchase and donate directly to a hospital. Once you’ve chosen a package, select a medical facility on our recipient form and we will deliver the supplies on your behalf. Or, if you would prefer to deliver the equipment personally, we will deliver the equipment to the destination you provide. We cover all shipping fees! Note: Hospitals can sign up as a recipient  using the recipient form and their shipping address and details will be available for selection at check-out. 

Remember, 2.5% of all sale proceeds will be contributed to local medical facilities, so every purchase you make through our website will support healthcare workers in your community.  

How to Get Started

Choose a Package

Individual Donation

Corporate Donation


Male Nurse Looking at Camera

KP Mendoza

ICU Nurse treating COVID-19 patients in New York City


“I want the country to know that if I end up on that ICU bed, it is because I was not given a hazmat suit or enough PPE to protect me.

So, why is it that when my shift ends, I peel off the same N-95 mask that I have worn for 12+ hours straight? I have breathed in stale air all day on a unit rife with the dying, and at the end of those twelve hours, I flinch and scour my unprotected neck with a bleach wipe, hoping that the thin, easily torn, permeable yellow gown I wear as “protection” did just enough to stop the virus from seeping into my scrubs and settling under my skin”.

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Male Doctor wearing glasses


Dr. Frank Garbin

New Jersey emergency room doctor.



Frank Gabrin, the first emergency-room doctor to die from contracting the coronavirus due to shortage of medical supplies. He knew he was putting himself in a dangerous position going into work, but he — like other medical professionals — prepared his whole life to be on the frontlines and help people in need.
What he didn’t expect was to be on the frontlines without the equipment he needed.”It’s like asking a soldier to go to the frontline and giving them nothing. Nothing to do their job,” Vaselech Lyons said.
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Woman next to girl Stay Home Flatten the Curve


Beverly Mayes Godfrey

ER Nurse, New York City


“One of the sickest patients on the unit I’m on is a nurse at that hospital. He will die alone with nobody but his fellow nurses by his side”

 “We are all entirely too exposed. Yes I have 1 N95 for the week. One gown, one face shield, one set of shoe covers, and one bonnet. I’ll get a new set next week. The only thing I change are my gloves and my regular face mask to protect my precious N95”



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Young female doctor in uniform making praying gesture isolated