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What is the future of the office after COVID-19?

Last week, as I sunk into my couch and resumed my daily scroll through a litany of insignificant social media, a post on Tumblr made me raise my eyebrows. As far as social media sites go, Tumblr no longer registers among the likes of prominent networking tools like Instagram or Twitter, but it occasionally spits […]

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How to Earn Sales Commission Now with Blue Beat Digital

Blue Beat Digital recently launched an Affiliate Program for individuals to earn 5% commission on successful sales from the company’s online store.  In the Age of Quarantine, everyone is struggling to figure out how to earn a little extra cash from the relative safety of home. According to the New York Times, approximately 30 million […]

Blue Beat Digital Donates 10,000 Masks to Hospitals in Orange County.

Donation Efforts Amid Coronaviurs Pandemic Tustin, California: Blue Beat Digital today announced a new mission to donate one million face masks to surrounding medical facilities over the course of one hundred days. Due to the shortage of supplies in wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, this initiative is being launched to alleviate the burden on healthcare […]