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7 Things No One Will Tell You About The N95 Face Mask

No face mask is more sought after than the N95 Respirator. According to the World Health Organization, at risk-groups should wear, at minimum, an N95, a face shield, and gloves if they plan rejoining large social gatherings, and the N95 is the preferred face mask of medical professionals. In the age of COVID, the N95 […]

The Glove Guide: The Difference in Latex, Vinyl, and Nitrile

Despite our best efforts to remain as clean and germ-free as possible, it can be difficult to prevent ourselves from touching things—doorknobs, railings, handles, tabletops, among others—that have already been touched by other people. Many conscientious individuals have chosen to wear gloves when they venture outside, and employers now provide protective gloves to workers who […]

Understanding Hand Sanitizer: What’s most effective and why?

Hand sanitizer is a valuable currency in a post-quarantine world. Everyone is moving fast to get their hands on some anti-bacterial gel, often clearing out entire shelves at common retail chains in a matter of minutes. We know that having hand sanitizer is important for eliminating potential infections and viral transmissions, but how do you […]

8 Things You'll Need Before you go back to Work with coffee and sunglasses sitting on table

8 Things You’ll Need Before You Go Back to Work

Phase 2 is officially upon us. For many formerly quarantined employees, this means returning to the usual grind of your nine-to-five office job, your retail service job, or your warehouse job where you ship packages in the odd hours of the evening. Wherever you’re working, there’s no denying that you’ll need certain supplies to help […]