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California is Moving into Phase 3 of Reopening… So, What Does That Mean?

Earlier this week, Governor Gavin Newsom announced that California will begin moving into phase 3 of reopening. Counties that can prove to that state that they have COVID-19 under control locally are allowed to reopen hair salons and barber shops. Phase 3 also includes the reopening of gyms, movie theaters, and professional sporting events without […]

Coming Together in a Pandemic: How Local Small Businesses are Helping Each Other

Within a month, life as we all knew it changed drastically. A statewide stay at home order quickly developed into a nation-wide stay at home order. Non-essential businesses shut down and all restaurants and eateries closed their doors, only able to offer pick up or drive-thru orders. Soon after state parks, beaches, and trails closed […]

The Difference Between the Types of Face Masks and Why it Matters

If you’ve been surfing the internet lately, social media in particular, you’re sure to have seen the claims going around about cloth and surgical masks causing a lack of oxygenation for those who wear them. The pandemic is causing a lot of speculation and accusations in online forums, and sadly most of the time these […]