8 Things You'll Need Before you go back to Work with coffee and sunglasses sitting on table

8 Things You’ll Need Before You Go Back to Work

Phase 2 is officially upon us. For many formerly quarantined employees, this means returning to the usual grind of your nine-to-five office job, your retail service job, or your warehouse job where you ship packages in the odd hours of the evening. Wherever you’re working, there’s no denying that you’ll need certain supplies to help you get back on your feet after quarantine. So without further ado, here’s a list of eight things you’ll probably need when you go back to work:

8. Coffee Tumbler

If there’s one truth universally acknowledged, it’s that coffee is essential to start the day. It’s possible that you’ve been foregoing coffee completely during quarantine, seizing the opportunity to get extra sleep. Personally, I’ve been relying on my collection of limited edition Starbucks coffee mugs for all my coffee needs. But for those that commute, a travel-ready coffee tumbler is a necessary item to keep you caffeinated throughout the day. 

7. Backpack 

We carry around a lot of stuff, don’t we? Between a wallet, gym clothes, a work uniform, paperwork, and tech devices, a person can potentially be lugging around half their life as they make the journey from work to home. That’s exactly why you need a backpack. Preferably, one that doubles as a laptop carrier so that you’d need to bring an additional bag on your daily commute. Although backpacks should be spacious, try to find a backpack with lightweight material to ease the strain on your body.

6. New Wardrobe

Look, we get it. Quarantine was stressful for everyone. Some dealt with the stress by committing to a prison-style workout routine. Others indulged in Oreos and Ice Cream. Regardless of how you spent your time in quarantine, you’ll probably need to find new clothes to wear out in the professional world. Consider doing some online shopping for some new sleek pants or a formal blouse. Invest in a smart blazer to make you feel even more mentally prepared.

5. Lunchbox Set 

Chances are, if you’re hoping to save money in the next few months, the first and most surefire way to do so is by meal prepping at home. No more eating out for lunch at In-N-Out, now we make our sandwiches at home and bring them to work like grown adults. Get a nice lunchbox set with various storage compartments so you can keep your breakfast yogurt in one section and your PB&J and Dorito sandwich in another. 

4. Phone Charger

These days no one goes anywhere without their phone. People who keep a trove of apps, photos, and music on their phone has likely felt the soul-crushing sensation of watching the battery drain midway through the workday. To resolve this problem, bring your charger and charging cable with you to work. It might even be useful to bring along a power bank so that you’re never without a power source. 

3. Gloves

Now that you’re going to be in a public space again, you’re going to be touching doors, shelves, tables, and all kinds of potentially bacteria-laden surfaces. Lower your risk of infection by wearing disposable gloves that you can trash at the end of the day. Better to be safe than sorry!

2. Hand Sanitizer

Kill any lingering bacteria before it can spread with some hand sanitizer. There are plenty of sanitizing sprays (even scented ones!) that you can carry around easily in your pocket, so make sure you pack it along before you head out the door. Granted, you should also be washing your hands thoroughly in addition to using hand sanitizer, so don’t just lather your skin in ethyl alcohol and call it a day. 

1. Face Masks

The most important item on this list should be the most obvious one, and for good reason. In virtually any work setting, you’ll be required to wear a mask while you social distance with your coworkers. Luckily, your workplace is legally mandated to provide you with a face mask, so make sure you put one on the moment you arrive.