7 Best Face Masks in Star Wars: Ranked

7 Best Face Masks in Star Wars: Ranked

No film franchise can boast masks that are quite as influential (and as kriffing awesome) as the face masks in Star Wars. Remember, right now we should all be wearing face masks to protect ourselves and each other. So, in celebration of May the 4th, Blue Beat Digital is ranking the best face masks in the Star Wars universe: 

7. Kylo Ren’s Combat Helmet

Now, we get it. Kylo Ren’s combat helmet is just a sad imitation of Darth Vader’s iconic helmet, a way for him to emulate the power and mystique of his grandfather. The only reason that Kylo Ren’s helmet even makes this list is because it’s a staple of the sequel trilogy, but not to worry. There are better masks to come.

6. The Second Sister’s Helmet 

You can encounter Trilla Suduri and her intimidating Inquisitor helmet in Star Wars: Fallen Order, where you play a former Jedi padawan hiding from the ruthless hunters of the empire. One of those hunters is Trilla, a powerful boss whose sole purpose is to hunt you down and kill you. 

5. Master Plo Koon’s Ventilator 

Master Plo Koon may look scary on the outset, but in reality, he’s a Jedi Master made of sunshine. The ventilator worn by this Jedi Master proves that it’s not just the spooky villains on the dark side that need additional breathing supports. After seven seasons of Clone Wars, Master Plo Koon remains a shining example of the Jedi Order.

4. Captain Rex’s Battle Helmet

Anyone keeping up with Clone Wars right now is likely still reeling from the most recent episode, so we would be remiss if we didn’t pay tribute to Rex’s personal helmet. The clones all struggle to form their own sense of individuality, but Rex was always a cut above the rest. The warrior paint on his helmet truly demonstrates that. 

3. Boba Fett’s Helmet

Oh, Boba Fett. The most famous bounty hunter in the galaxy. Well, to us, in any case. Although Boba Fett was a man of few words in the original trilogy, his helmet left a lasting impression on us all. It would go on to inspire the design of another bounty hunting, fast shooting rogue.

2. The Mandalorian’s Helmet

Mando, the Mandalorian, Din Djarin… if there’s one thing all these names have in common, it’s the excellent armor that he refuses to take off (under any circumstances). The galaxy’s favorite space dad wears this traditional warrior helmet as a symbol of his creed, protecting his tiny green son no matter how difficult it may be. 

1. Darth Vader’s Helmet

Well, obviously. Not sure what you were expecting here. 

Remember, all the characters who wear some form of head device do so to protect themselves. Follow their example and wear a face mask when you go out!